It´s so wonderful that you have found your way to my website.

Let me introduce myself: I am Kirsten Fleig, but please call me Kiki!

I am an energy and psychic healer with more than ten years of experience and countless client success stories at the ready. Originally from Germany, I am now based out of Southern Spain and offer uniquely powerful and transformative remote energy healing sessions for clients from all over the world.

Are you ready for a RESET?

Can you no longer go on with the way things are in your life and crave deep and lasting CHANGE?

Do you want to EMPOWER yourself in this era of fear and uncertainty about the future,and turn lemons into lemonade and suffering into healing?

Then, my friend, you have come to just the right place!

Would you like to know more about my services and my background?

In a nutshell, I connect to divine intelligence through deep knowledge and understanding. I use my intuitive skills and finely honed psychic abilities to create profound, empowering, and positive change for my clients. I have been privileged to study with pioneers in the field of alternative healing and energy healing as follows:

  • I am a certified practitioner in the ground-breaking Shoheli-Method, trained by Shoheli Biswas in Kolkata, India. The Shoheli Method combines eight profoundly powerful healing methods including work with past lives and the release of implants.
  • I have studied psychic healing under the guidance of renowned psychic Molly Ann Fairley extensively. Molly Ann Fairley is the Founder of The School of Psychic Studies in  London, England.
  • I am a certified practitioner for the incredibly effective Emotion Code and Body Code and was blessed to train with its founder, Dr. Bradley Nelson, USA.
  • I am a certified practitioner for family constellation, trained at the Hanna Gaugler Institute in Munich, Germany.

Are you ready to heal and live your life anew?

Then contact me now via message/ Whatsapp at + 34 677508555 or via email to book your free 10-minute consultation or to book your healing session right away.

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